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Ancient Olympia

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Ancient Olympia

Olympia in the western Peloponnese, lies in the peacefull pine-clad valley of the river Alpheos. It gained its fame as a sunctuary of Zeus and Hera, but the site also contains a wealth of other small shrines, gymnasiums and sculptor's workshops. It was in the still extant stadium that the Olympic Games were founded in 776B.C. and the Greeks calculated their chronology from this date, measuring events by the Olympiad in which they occurred. It is here that the sacred torch is still carried to whatever corner of the world the modern Olympiads at are held in. The period of the Games was always marked by a Sacred Truce during which all the people of Greek race forgot their differences and united for a while in the spirit of Hellenism.

This tour includes a private vehicle with driver, and an English-speaking escort

• Please keep in mind that your English-speaking escort can enter in archeological sites with you but the tour for those will precede the visit. If you want a licensed-authorized guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one at an extra cost.
• The price of this tour does not include any food, entrance fees, or gratuities.
• In SHARED tours the escort must maintain schedule for a fair and successful day for all.
• The tour in Olympia needs walking and it will not be very comfortable if you have walking problem.
• Use comfortable shoes and please keep in mind that the weather may be very hot during summer.

The program for a full day excursion in the area of Olympia, which lasts 8 hours, consists of visiting the following points (after driving 45 minutes from Katakolo port, where ships docked, to Ancient Olympia):

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Archeological site

ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE                                                   Duration of visit: 1 hour

Archeological site - The birth place of the Olympic Games it still causes awe in the visitors. Some of the most important parts are:
a. Temple of Zeus; b. Temple of Ira; c. Stadium; d. Laboratory of Phidias (Phidias is the sculptor of the statue of Zeus that was made by gold and ivory); e. Philippion, f. Room of sound
Entrance fees: 6€ in Archeological site, 6€ in Museum, 9€ the combined ticket

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New Museum of Olympia

NEW MUSEUM OF OLYMPIA                                           Duration of visit: 1 hour

New Museum of Olympia - Unique sculptural masterpieces are exhibited in this museum such as:
• Hermes by Praxiteles
• Peonies' Victory
• A painting representation of the gold and ivory statue of Zeus (This statue was one of the seven wonders of ancient world)
• Apollo and many other art treasures
Duration of visit: 1 hour


1. Walking tour in the new village of Olympia - In this small traditional village, which is located next to Ancient Olympia, you will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs, jewelries etc. or to relax in a cafeteria drinking a coffee or enjoying an ice cream.
Duration half an hour

2. Pick-nick to a nearby wood - In a peacefull pine-clad valley we will offer you the most known traditional drink named Ouzo followed by snacks made from Greek products FREE OF CHARGE
Duration of visit: 1 hour

3. Visit to a traditional winery named ‘Mercuri' - The most famous and modern winery in the prefecture of Ilia is situated in a pine-clad hill near Katakolo waiting for you so as to make:
• Tour to the winery - 4€ per person
• Tasting local wines and olive oil - 1€ per tasting glass.
Duration of visit: 1 hour
Entrance fees: 1€

4. Swimming in the small and beautiful beach of Saint Andrew - Greece is known for its beaches that's why the best way to arrange the tour is enjoying the turquoise waters and the golden sand of this quiet beach and sunbathing under the hot sun. Next to the beach there is a traditional restaurant where you can optionally make lunch.
Duration of visit: 1 hour

After driving 30 minutes we will return to Katakolo.


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