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Mercedes-Benz Sprider-Spica

Mercedes-Benz Spica


Mercedes-Benz Spica has 19+1 (2 + 1 lines , 4 overhead in the background) leather adjustable seats, which offer comfort and very good support to the body of the passenger, folding footrests, folding armbands and two-point belts. The aisle seats can be moved into the aisle of the bus in order to enlarge the space and increase the comfort of each passenger. The baggage space in this coach is completely separated from the passengers' area. The roof has two sets of channels, creating a good-sized space for the hand baggage, while the ceiling lights allow passengers to individual lighting and regulating air ventilation package.
Large size glass surfaces, due to the refractive properties of crystals, reflecting its surroundings, without allowing prying eyes and UV radiation to pass within.For the entertainment of our passengers the bus is equipped with a stereo system and a DVD/video system. Furthermore a board microphone is a standard item on our coach - it is at disposal for the information of the passengers.